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Our ministries
So in christ, we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. Romans 12:5

The goal of our different ministries is to build relationships and community and cultivate a deeper spirit of unity, love and appreciation for God and one another. Each group has a unique format; frequency, size, location, and activities vary from group to group. We love to serve families and groups of people of all ages, from children to seniors. Check out all of the ministries we offer at Milwood CC below:

We value kids and their safety.  Milwood CC is a safe-church organization, which means all childcare workers have been screened and strictly follow our Safe church policy.

Middle and High School Age

We love our youth! Children who are in middle school to high school are invited to join us for youth activities on Sunday evenings. You can expect to participate in asking questions about faith as well as sharing in games and various activities. 

Kid's Ministry

We offer a number of different programs for children. From age 3 through 1st grade, the children can participate in CHILDREN'S WORSHIP. Children are dismissed during the morning worship service, and meet for the remainder of the worship service time. They have a structured time with singing, a Bible story, response time, “feast” time, and prayer.

SUNDAY SCHOOL meets every Sunday during our educational year, following the morning worship gathering. This time is designed to teach Bible stories and help students grow in their faith through fun, age appropriate activities offered through 5th grade.

Life Groups

The goal of life groups is to build relationships and community and cultivate a deeper spirit of unity, love and appreciation for God and one another. Our life groups are inter-generational, meaning people of all ages are in community together.  You do not need to be a member of Milwood Community Church in order to join a group. In fact, we encourage you to join a life group as a way to get to know  our church more and better understand more about the Christian faith.


GEMS stands for Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior  and is open to girls ages 2nd through 5th grade. CADETS boy's club serves boys ages 2nd through 5th grade. Both of these groups serve children in developing their own relationship with Jesus Christ and apply the Bible to their own lives. These groups both offer a small group atmosphere where they can enjoy crafts, activities, service opportunities, fun outings, and fellowship.

Our GEMS and CADET groups meet on WHAM nights. You can learn more information below. 


TELOS is where adults can meet together following our morning worship service and spend time in reflection, discussion, and prayer. This is our Adult Sunday School group. The greek word TELOS means having an end-goal or purpose. The purpose of our TELOS group is to follow the words of Jesus as stated in the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations..."

Nursery/Preschool Child Care

Childcare services are provided for very young children during the morning worship service. Our nursery is stocked with toys, snacks, diapers, and playpens, and staffed by caring volunteers. Note: in the event that a parent or guardian is needed during a service, a number assigned when the child is dropped off is displayed during the church service.

Coffee Break - Bible Study for Women

Coffee Break meets throughout most of our Sunday School year and brings together women of all ages to study and glean from the Bible together in a large Bible Study. 

Nursery is provided for pre-school aged children. Come and take a break with like-minded women who long to grow their relationship with Christ and with each other. 

Meets every Thursday morning from September through December and from January through April.